Google-Wallet-2According to the Wall Street Journal  “advertisers in the future will pinpoint the exact moments and needs that users have—entertainment, retail searches, even sports scores—and supply consumers with the solutions they are looking for in real time”. The article goes on to describe how integrated devices and apps will present consumers with an instantaneous, seamless path from awareness to purchase. This will have enormous implications for retailing in general, and retail banking in particular.

Faced with a steady stream of appealing offers that are both timely and relevant; consumers’ emotional loyalty to brands could be supplanted by a more practical assessment of the brand’s reputation for product quality and utility. This development may not be a big obstacle for retailers like Apple, Nike and Ann Taylor, who rely on product design and cache to bond with customers. But it could be bad news for banks whose customers don’t see much daylight between bank brands and banking products on a practical level.

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