Next Branch Strategies builds better customer experiences, one branch at a time.

Next Branch Strategies was created to do for community banks what the Apple Store did for a struggling computer brand. Founded in 2015 by bank consultant David Faulkner, Next Branch is based on the big idea that banks don’t have to be boring, branch experiences can be rewarding, and customers matter to bankers more, and in more ways than most people think. In the last ten years, Faulkner has brought those principles to bear for branch banks in more than 5,000 retail locations, in the process contributing more than $100 million in revenue and savings.

Before founding Next Branch Strategies, Faulkner spent over a decade working alongside senior brand, operations and distribution executives at the nation’s top retail and banking institutions. His unique perspective on customer experience was formed by touring dozens of Nordstrom Stores with John Nordstrom, the retailer who made Nordstrom’s synonymous with superior customer service and brand loyalty. Over the next decade this ethos informed dozens of innovative store concepts Faulkner launched for Gap, Inc., Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Capital One.

David made an exceptionally strong impact in a short time at Choice Hotels. He is a wonderful combination of both left-brain and right-brain skills. He is an excellent manager of process, able to streamline work to be more effective, while at the same time is very creative, adding a great deal of interest to prototypes. He is a strong business person, understanding the cost and customer ramifications of design, and uses this understanding to not only make nicer products, but products that will sell more.

David Goldberg

CEO, Phoenix Children's Academy

David is both an excellent speaker and practitioner in his field of retail experience design, which is a rare find. He has expert ability and the communication skills necessary to help financial institutions understand the impact of the branch in their strategic and technical planning. Our attendees enjoy his mix of knowledge, both practical and high level.

Erin Handel

Co-Founder, BankersHub

David was instrumental in guiding Parmasters Golf Training Center’s original concept, that became the foundation of the designs we use to this day.

Paul Cronin

Business Development Exec

The interview I conducted with David Faulkner entitled ‘Deconstructing the Branch’ was the fifth most-read article published byBAI Banking Strategies in the third quarter of 2011.

Kenneth Cline

Managing Editor, BAI Banking Strategies