Remaking The Branch Experience

To Reach and Hold Today's Demanding Customer

It’s time to rethink your bank branch experience 

with Next Branch Strategies.  Here’s how:

To Build Opportunity, Build Interactions

When foot traffic drops, so does opportunity. Without face-to-face interaction, banks lose one of their most potent sales tools. When you transform your bank branch you turn every in-person customer relationship into an opportunity to build loyalty, educate consumers, and upsell your products.

Reach Your Most Valuable Customers

Provide a welcoming place that tells your customers you understand them. A place where they will learn how financial services can take them to the next level by complementing their digital experience with a  journey that’s tailor-made to exceed today’s heightened expectations around personalized service.

Play To Your Strengths

Wondering how you can compete with multi-billion dollar technology budgets? While it’s true that, when all else is equal, consumers will choose the bank with the best digital UX ; study after study confirms branch experiences engineered to drive trust and personalize service outperform cutting edge tech.

We’re ready to start helping right now

Next Branch Strategies is ready to bring our expertise, experience and ground-breaking thinking to bear on your branch strategy. We can help you take advantage of assets you already have in your community to transform your bank branches into lifestyle centers, education centers, and best of all, profit centers.



Let’s start by re-thinking they way banks work.

We put in place a phased approach to take to you from assessment to execution at an accelerated pace.
Instead of waiting for two years to see your ideas come to life, Next Branch Strategies delivers actionable,
customer experience innovations in a matter of months.


Banking is Belonging

Before we begin, we look at the relationship you have with your banking customers. We ask a lot of questions to understand your operational landscape. Where does the branch bank fit in the customer equation? What percentage of sales are conducted online? What percentage of closing happens in the bank? What’s the local competition doing? We’ll prepare a report that drills down on your core competencies today, and suggests opportunities for innovation in the next five years.


Stand-Out Thinking

Banks are generic. Regulatory compliance has come to mean conformity. Blame the Fed. Or work with Next Branch Strategies to stand out, differentiate your services, and build customer loyalty. We employ design thinking methods to focus on a customer-centric solution. We conduct focus groups with customers, interactive deep dives with key executives, and brainstorming sessions with your team to uncover and highlight opportunities, directions, and undiscovered customer needs. Our goal is to help you define the pillars of a new branch experience.


Pressure-Test Your Ideas

Now we begin to test the core elements of the value proposition. Does your offering resonate with your customers? To get the answers we build prototypes and pop-up banks you can take to county fairs and malls. We observe consumer interactions so you gain real world insight into what consumers actually do (as opposed to what they say they do on a survey). Rapid prototyping techniques enable us to test ideas, gather feedback, iterate, revise, and improve.


Rapid, Real Results

Based on everything we’ve learned, it is time to roll out your ideas in the real world. We put together realistic schedules and real world budgets. We work with your operations team to develop new routines and train staff. When your branch concept involves building or renovation. we’ll help you hire an architect to build out the physical elements, a general contractor who understands quality doesn’t have to be expensive,  and quantity surveyors who can provide insights into the cost implications of your strategy. We’ll develop an actionable budget and a timeline that coordinate staffing, training, marketing and legal. It’s how we turn concepts into action.

Next Steps for the Branch

NBS Founder David Faulkner speaks with Tim Tang of retail and banking technology experts Hughes Systems

Why Change? — What Experts Are Saying

Empty Branches Impact Sales

The drop in foot traffic at branches is a fundamental digital-age hurdle for branch revenues. In itself, the change is not so bad—ATM and digital transactions are cheaper for banks to execute. The problem lies in the declining number of face-to-face customer interactions, which translate into fleeting customer relationships and reduced cross-sell opportunities.

Getting real about branch transformation - 2015


Retaining Your Best Customers

Banks are not meeting the needs of affluent customers, the least- satisfied segment. Expectations for personalized experiences are high among affluent customers, and banks have not provided a differentiated experience to meet those expectations.

2014 U.S. Retail Banking Satisfaction Study

J.D. Power

Don’t Miss the Boat

Market leaders, inside and outside financial services have already made the shift … They have adopted integrated, real-time approaches to engage customers at the moment of need and deliver a carefully designed experience consistently across channels.

Financial services in a converging, human-centric world” 2013